Website Graphical Design

Regency's graphical designs span simple to complex depending on client needs and competitive landscape. Always emphasized by our web designers is attention to detail, usability, navigation ease, and short download times.

Content Management

A Content Management System (CMS) enables a website's content to be managed from a web browser, any time, any place, and without programming skills. With a content management system and minimal training, a website's content can be effectively managed without any assistance from the original website development firm after training.

Custom Web Development

Regency specializes in engineering and developing custom web solutions using its proven suite of Microsoft Dot Net (.NET) core modules as the primary building blocks. These modules combined with custom client-specific software form web solutions that can exceed virtually any requirement.

Custom e-Commerce Applications

From our suite of e-commerce solutions, our web developers can design an online store (for desktop and mobile) that effectively sells products and collects payments online. Whether it's a simple online store with a few products or a custom store with specialized product presentations and custom interfaces to legacy systems, Regency has ecommerce solutions for these and everything in between.

Mobile Website Development

The worldwide number of smart phones surpassed the number of personal computers in 2011 and is predicted to be three times greater by 2016. To capture the rapid growth of smart phones, Regency developers can create mobile versions of any desktop website as well as create mobile-only websites.

Business Workflow and Database Applications

Many business websites today offer a multitude of custom interactive features supported by database applications. These features benefit both the businesses and their customers by providing valued information often tailored to each customer. Regency designs and develops custom web database and workflow applications tailored to client needs.

Social Media Communities

A social web community website offers its members an environment to interact and share information. Regency's web site designers can develop custom Web community applications tailored to any common interest group or business need.


An Intranet or Extranet is a vehicle to communicate information and offer interactive features to a group that has been provided secure access through a login. Regency offers custom Intranet/Extranet solutions tailored to any business need.

Web Copy Writing

A website's words, not its graphics, get messages across. Our professional Web copywriting experts can prepare messages that spring visitors into action.

Internet Marketing

A continuous stream of targeted customers seeking your products and services is mandatory for success with its "ethical" SEO partner. Regency creates tailored Internet marketing programs using a combination of search engine optimization and pay per click promotion.

Maintenance Services

We encourage and train clients to perform any degree of self website maintenance as they choose. Our in-house maintenance team will provide any additional maintenance as needed for the life of the site.

Website Hosting

Regency offers hosting packages starting as low as $20 per month through one of it proven hosting partners.
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